About Taylor Davis

Taylor makes sales fun

Known as Mr. “Something from Nothing,” Taylor Davis spent his career going from banjos and drumsticks to handshakes in boardrooms. While music may have been the first to claim his heart, it’s not his only passion. His love of transactions was cultivated from his ability to drum up business—literally—on the sidewalks by busking for money or attracting a club owner’s attention to book gigs. From there, he’s taken it to closing six and seven-figure sales deals and leading teams to sell as fluidly as a well practiced orchestra performs.

Today, he’s just as passionate about developing sales teams as he is about recording his next album, both of which he’s been doing for more than two decades. He instills a “be a rock-star” approach into your team through his direct coaching and wealth of knowledge across process, programs, tools, and best-practice leadership strategies to deliver repeatable success to your sales organization.

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“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.