Birmingham Sales Consulting

Taylor makes sales fun

Forge your own success in the Magic City.

There’s no magic wand that will create instant sales success. It takes skill, knowledge, and strategy—which is what TPD does best. While others wait for that “shazam” moment, our experts work hard behind the scenes to achieve real results.

A personal playbook for your business

Why spend precious time and energy looking through playbooks for strategies that weren’t written with your business in mind? Off-the-shelf solutions don’t work for every business. Tailored solutions from TPD’s Birmingham experts target where your team needs to improve and channels their strengths into sales success. Soon enough, stars will fall on
Alabama once again.

All the right ingredients for rapid growth

Having everything you need in one place means you can harness all that potential for rapid growth—just like Birmingham did. TPD helps you analyze your current sales team and create goals that are tailored to your reps, whether you’re building a new team, expanding your current team, or redlining your team structure to foster stronger organizational alignment.

Motor through your sales cycle.

Bottlenecks in your pipeline gum up the works and slow down your sales cycle. Too many low-quality leads get in the way of prospects that are more valuable, taking up more of your reps’ time than they deserve. TPD’s “pit crew” is ready to get your team back on course quickly to speed high-quality leads through the sales cycle to conversion.

Lead generation strategies

New leads and new markets are what sustain businesses. Without a sound strategy to keep new leads flowing in, you can’t count on continued success. To turn traffic from high-quality leads to high-valued customers, TPD uses first-class tactics and a clear-cut process to help you increase the number of qualified meetings in your team’s calendar.

Sales pipeline optimization

Friction in your sales pipelines spells major dysfunction that keeps your team from meeting their targets. TPD’s Birmingham consultants address points of friction in your sales pipeline and present you with options like fresh integrations and savvy automations to get things moving smoothly.

Fractional leadership

Leveling up with new leadership can be a tricky time for any business. An expert hand to navigate the transition can settle team anxiety and help reps stay focused on their clients, not on office politics. TPD experts are available to

  • Provide interim fulfillment and/or support for VP/Director of Sales
  • Support sales development, account executives, account management, sales operations, sales directors/managers
  • Inform and PM sales recruitment across needed positions
  • And more

Reporting and analytics

Reports may not be the most glamorous part of sales, but ignoring them is risky. Your team can miss key trends, fail to predict accurate outcomes, and face decreased productivity. TPD’s Magic City experts deliver accurate analysis that’s tailored to your business so your reps can prioritize the right prospects with the best tactics.

Cast your spell on the Magic City.

Growing sales takes strategy and effort, not magic. Let the others waste their time and resources toying with imaginary solutions. Contact the experts at TPD to help do the real work of creating success.

“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.