Charlotte Sales Consulting

Taylor makes sales fun

Give your sales team the royal treatment.

We know that Charlotte’s got a lot going on—and your business does, too. With cutting-edge sales tech strategies and industry-leading operational tactics, TPD’s experts are ready to deliver customized sales solutions that will take your business to the top.

Fashion a buyer experience that strengthens brand loyalty.

Give your prospective buyers a fast, personalized experience that will convert them from leads into loyal customers. Our consultants track where leads drop out of the pipeline, identify and analyze the causes, and strategize a course-correction to keep those leads in the pipeline where they belong.

We help motivate sales teams to the highest level. So—just like going Uptown—your numbers always travel upwards.

Take the stinger out of your competition.

Living in the hornet’s nest means facing a lot of competition, so your business needs a way to stand out. TPD provides you with industry-leading tactics and tools to channel your fighting streak into sales success.

Equip your sales team for a new Charlotte Gold Rush.

Unearthing actual gold nuggets may be a thing of the past—but mining sales prospects is still an important strategy for your business today. TPD helps businesses make the most of new opportunities by pinpointing ideal customers, uncovering fresh leads, and revitalizing current sales practices. Using a top-notch playbook, our consultants help reveal a future filled with golden opportunities.

1) Buyer Experience Optimization

Align your buyer’s journey with your sales and marketing process for a fully holistic and streamlined sales strategy. TPD helps you maximize your ROI and boost account growth with customized buyer journey mapping and alignment, sales process assessment, and account growth optimization.

2) Sales Outreach Enhancement

Targeted content is key to making a successful sale. TPD consultants provide advice strengthening outreach tactics and creating personalized content including:

  • Email Sequences
  • ICP/Buyer Personas and Battle Cards
  • Proposal Decks
  • And more

3) Maximizing Sales Efficiency

Create a more efficient workflow so your sales team can spend their time mining and nurturing high-quality leads through your pipeline to a speedy and successful conversion. To streamline your workflow from the very onset of the selling experience, we also offer clear onboarding and training practices.

TPD provides recommendations from the beginning stages of recruitment and onboarding, through reporting and analytics for each stage of the buyer’s journey and conversion reporting.

4) Fractional Sales Leadership

Maybe your business is just coming into its queenship and isn’t ready to accommodate a full-time sales director. With our fractional sales leadership service, TPD lets you learn from a master without adding the expense of a new employee to your monthly payroll. You can also use our expert advisors to fill in on an interim basis. Not only can TPD serve as a temporary leader for your sales teams, we’ll also advise on recruitment to help you fill those positions with the best candidates for your team.

Take up the crown and be the next business leader in the Queen City.

Keeping up in one of the fastest-growing regions in the country doesn’t have to be a royal pain. Give your business the attention it deserves and reach out to TPD consultants in Charlotte today.

“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.