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Taylor makes sales fun

Sales coaches who won’t let you drop the ball

Our sales and marketing solutions are specifically tailored to help businesses in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills rise to the top of their game—and stay there.

Eclipse your competition with customized sales strategies.

Competition in today’s market is as fierce as the Clemson-Carolina rivalry, but unfortunately not as fun. A poor sales strategy can delay growth and prevent your business from meeting its full potential. TPD’s knowledgeable consultants spend the time to analyze the fine details of your operations so they can create custom sales strategies that cut waste and boost efficiency. Then, with your tailor-made strategy in place, you’ll be able to face your competition with the confidence of a Tiger. Or a Gamecock.

Breathe life and profit into your old practices.

Staying loyal to old habits may be comfortable. But in the long run, cycling through the same strategies over and over again is a recipe for lost profits. TPD consultants know how to freshen up your practices with modern streamlining solutions that let you do more with less, so you won’t plateau with old standby practices while the competition pedals past you.

An outside perspective that boosts operational efficiency.

It’s easy to identify your business’s strengths, but the weak points can be harder to detect.
Sometimes it takes a perceptive outside eye—attached to a business-savvy brain—to spot the cracks that are letting opportunities slip through your fingers.

No matter which TPD consulting service you select, our consultants take a thorough and objective view of your operations so they can create solutions designed specifically for your needs. Then, using best practices and cutting edge tools, we help you configure a process that connects you with the right leads, employs a quick and clean sales cycle, and sets you up for continued future growth.

1) Strategy Assessment

Through assessing your current lead generation, lead nurturing, go-to-market, and demand generation strategies, our consultants will target inefficiencies in both your inbound and outbound strategy implementation. Then, we guide you through building a streamlined and data-driven strategy designed to get you playing at a championship level.

2) Organizational Alignment

Break down information silos and get everyone on the same page so you can work with seamless cohesion company-wide. To help you align your team and processes, we provide consultations on sales team analysis, competency development, compensations plans and incentives, OKRs, and KPIs.

3) Sales Operation Efficiencies

Still struggling to hit your stride? Stop wasting your team’s time with a clunky and ineffectual workflow, and start envisioning a sleek process that actually maximizes your ROI and productivity. Our consultants provide recommendations calculated to increase efficiency in sales routing, traffic, and workflows as we guide you through the practice of tracking:

  • Tech stack implementation
  • Sales pipelines
  • Conversions
  • Analytics

Become the next landmark of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Don’t wait for your sales practices to become tired and played out. Contact TPD consultants in Greenville today. We’ll meet you on the bridge and help make your business a star player in your community.

“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.