Minneapolis Sales Consulting

Taylor makes sales fun

Stand apart from the Twin Cities crowd.

All along the mighty Mississippi businesses are vying to be first-in-class. With keen and innovative guidance from TPD Consulting, you’ll be at the cutting edge of your industry.

Access tailor-made sales strategies for your team.

You might be in the Twin Cities, but there’s no identical twin for your business. You need a singular approach to the unique issues that your team faces. A fresh perspective from TPD’s Minneapolis consultants can furnish you with sound and savvy strategies to boost your team’s productivity with measurable results.

Keep leads warm and moving swiftly through the pipeline.

Despite the possibility of frozen pipes every winter, your sales pipeline should always be free and clear. When leads freeze up in the pipeline, conversion rates slow down and profits get lost. TPD consultants diagnose issues with lead conversion rates and provide actionable solutions so that marketing and sales teams can turn the heat up on qualified leads.

Clear-cut coaching that invigorates your strategies.

The sales landscape is ever-changing and you can’t count on the same strategies year after year. Don’t miss out on new prospects because of stagnant techniques that have become irrelevant. TPD gives you immediately operable tactics for onboarding, training, and continued development so new members of your sales team can learn the ropes fast and experienced veterans can continue improving their numbers.

Sleek organization alignment

Misalignment between team members muddies the sales process and disrupts profits. TPD’s Minneapolis consultants will fit all the components of your team together like a cherry on a spoon, aligning your teams so everyone’s on the same page and working toward the same goals.

Optimal recruitment blueprint

In an ideal world, your sales team is ready to stick with you for life. But in the real world, sales professionals come and go all the time, which can leave a big dent in operations if you’re not prepared to recruit and onboard quickly. Whether you’re trying to replace the irreplaceable rep or expanding your team with new members, TPD can inform your recruitment strategies so you can find the perfect candidate for your opening.

Outreach tactics

Sales isn’t just a one-and-done business. You need repeat customers and brand advocates to help attract new business to your doorstep. To get them, you need sensible tactics you can replicate, measure, and continually strive to improve. TPD’s consultants in Minneapolis are ready with tools you can iterate for success, including:
Email Sequences
ICP/Buyer Personas and Battle Cards
Proposal Decks
And more

Top-of-class buyer analytics

Your business is full of valuable data, but it won’t do any good just sitting on hard drives or in spreadsheets. TPD shows you how to use and analyze your data so you can get deep-dive insights into your operations, including where you’re missing possible revenue-generating opportunities. From there, you can pinpoint trouble areas in your sales process and make data-driven plans for improvement.

Put the cherry on top of your Twin City success story.

Sculpting a lucrative business out of raw materials is hard work. Contact TPD today so your business can be the next avant-garde work of art in the Twin Cities.

“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.