Why is it SO HARD to nail
down a sales playbook that sticks?

Like any sales leader, you want to boost conversions. You know that 54% of salespeople who use sales playbooks are more likely to accomplish their sales targets than those who don’t use them—but you just can’t seem to find the perfect strategy.

Until today.

You’re about to get full access to a time-tested sales playbook roadmap that’s worked for hundreds of sales leaders around the world.

Using our FREE TEDAP Framework:

  • You’ll finally feel confident in building your roadmap for an effective sales playbook
  • You’ll master inclusion of branding, voice, and goal alignment
  • You’ll discover the path scale through consistent sales success
  • You’ll ditch outdated strategies for good
  • You’ll transform your playbook into a conversion engine

Ready to master the proven TEDAP Framework and streamline your playbook strategy?

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TEDAP: Your Sales Playbook Roadmap

Drive results with this framework for developing a successful sales playbook based on the Pavilion course “Creating and Implementing a Sales Playbook that Sticks” led by Instructor Taylor Phillips Davis.

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“  Working with Taylor had an enormous impact on the way Fliktrax approached sales, marketing, long term planning, social media and budgeting. Taylor's talents are vast and having the opportunity to learn from his example, experience and coaching is something that we are eternally grateful for.  ”

- Patrick Finnegan, CEO at Fliktrax LLC

“  Working with Taylor was great. He brings so much passion and positivity to his work everyday, despite the surrounding pressures. He leads by example with his team and its an impressive example that he sets.  ”

- Michael Vespa, Vice President at TDR Technology Solutions

“  He has the ability to work at the strategic level as well as hands-on. He communicates well with senior leadership, and gets upstream of challenges. In my company he was able to quickly create processes for our sales team and change our playbook. As CEO I found him great to work with.  ”

- Amara Projansky, Founder & CEO at Chronogram Media

“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

- Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.

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- Ed Erenberg, CEO & Founder at Cheerity

“  He is Mr. ‘Something from Nothing.’ He will arrive at your shop with a set of recommended tools and processes and then create a marketing and sales process that becomes a marketing department.  ”

- Dan Woods, Columnist at

“  Taylor brought great leadership to restructuring the sales team, effectively stepping in as interim CRO to articulate objectives, train our new sales manager, set up marketing and sales automation, and provide effective training and guidance for the sales team.  ”

- Jason Stern, Founder & Owner at Luminary Media


Playbooks get everyone on the same page—but only if you as a sales leader know what that page is. The fact is, most sales playbooks fail because they don’t align with the branding, mission, or logistics of a company. You can’t build your sales playbook off someone else’s and expect it to work without doing the deep dive work on your company’s values.

When you follow the TEDAP framework, you master:

  • How to create consistency with company goals and objectives
  • How to create a playbook that grows with your company
  • How to lay the groundwork for future employees
  • How to increase stakeholder buy-in

With access to TEDAP, you can finally escape the terror of staring at a blank page wondering…where do I start?

No sports coach worth their weight throws a team on the field and shouts, “Just go with your gut! It’ll be great!” Instead, they start with a strategic framework. Each game may bring different challenges, but a good framework won’t change.

Sales teams are no different—and they often face the same questions:

  • What obstacles am I up against?
  • What is my objective?
  • What are my strategies?
  • What do I expect the outcome of those strategies to be?
  • How do I exceed my expectations?
  • When are the best moments to unleash each strategy?
  • What equipment do I need to succeed?

You might not have all the answers immediately, and that’s okay. Using TEDAP keeps you on track to find them. As a sales team leader, you have the power to dramatically boost the win rate of your team.

What are you waiting for?

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Creating and Implementing a
Sales Playbook that Sticks

Pens out…let’s dive in!

Establish Timing

Define your trigger event for your playbook. Are you building for a new product/service launch, territory positioning, merger of teams, onboarding, GTM, new ICP, etc.

Set Expectations

What are the expected outcomes with your playbook and how do those roll up to your greater Company goals? I.e. Increase conversion rates, Decrease sales cycles, Improve Customer Experience, etc.

Find your Direction

Use key questions to set your bearings for your playbook and keep you on track. I.e. Who is the intended audience? When and how will this playbook be used? How will you measure impact and performance to goal? How will you update and pivot when needed?

Align with Objectives

Align your initiatives and resources with your objectives. I.e. What growth stage are you building for? GTM, M&A, Expansion; what customer groups are you targeting? SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise? What product/service lines?; Territory/regions? Teams that will be using the playbook? SDRs/AEs/SEs/CS, etc.

Pack what you need

What content needs to be included in your playbook? Do you need sections that include GTM plans, sales process & protocols, OKRs/KPIs, etc. Do you need Resources for your teams? Product overviews, ICP/buyer personas, Competitor analysis, etc. Do you need performance drivers? Scripts, sales plays, email guidance, mutual action plans, objection handling, etc?

“  Taylor brought great leadership to restructuring the sales team, effectively stepping in as interim CRO to articulate objectives, train our new sales manager, set up marketing and sales automation, and provide effective training and guidance for the sales team.  ”

Jason Stern, Founder & Owner at Luminary Media