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Taylor makes sales fun

Accelerate your growth with battle-tested sales experts. 

Give your business its best chance for success by partnering with Scranton’s savviest and most experienced sales and marketing experts.

A sales strategy playbook designed just for you. 

Your business is unique  — so why would you sell by someone else’s rules?

We specialize in helping businesses create a custom sales playbook that’s tailored to their product, market, and talent. The result? A sleek, streamlined framework that newbies and veteran sales reps alike can follow, so they can close more deals faster and more consistently from day one. 

Modern solutions that sharpen your competitive edge. 

A good sales tech stack enhances your strengths and slashes potential for human error. But the world of sales technology moves at lightning speed, and not all business owners have time to keep up. 

At TPD Consulting, we’re on top of the latest software trends so you don’t have to be. By helping you implement time- and cost-saving tech tools, we keep you two steps ahead of your tech-hesitant competitors.

Level up faster with sales leaders who know the ropes.

Flatlining sales numbers can rob your team of morale and productivity. Our Scranton sales leadership experts help lift you over the hurdles that keep you stagnant, clearing the path upwards so you can grow at a faster  — and more streamlined  — pace. 

1. Fractional Sales Leadership

Need a highly experienced sales professional, but don’t have the funds to hire one permanently? Our Fractional Sales Leadership service offers you all the benefits of having a sales expert practicing their craft in your midst. This long-term, part-time partnership lets you “learn from the master,” so you’re better equipped to strategize for sales in the digital age and create waste-reducing workflows. 


2. Sales Leadership Consulting

Our Sales Leadership Consultants are experts at identifying your market niche and expanding your reach to bring in better qualified leads. Implement hard-hitting marketing solutions, and learn how to interpret client data and market trends to develop tactics that make you shine above your competitors.

3. Sales Strategy Advice 

Savvy Scranton sales strategists take a deep dive into what makes your business unique, then offer data-driven insights on the best approaches to selling to your ideal customers. Using state-of-the-art tools to create individualized marketing plans, we help ensure that your sales efforts are time-saving and cost-effective.

4. Sales Pipeline Management

Using go-to-market sales planning, we help you create pipeline stages that make the most sense with your talent, budget, and product/service. We examine your sales process from every angle, and maximize your potential to close opportunities by implementing sales incentives, sales enablement, and personalized sales coaching. 

Break free from stagnant sales numbers.

Your business has the potential to be big  — why wait for it to happen by chance? Reach out to TPD Consulting today to learn more about how we help businesses break past the roadblocks that are stalling success.  

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“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.