At TPD Consulting, all services are customized to your business needs. Our Service Offerings Include:

Outbound/Inbound Analysis

Lead generation strategy can make—or break—organizations. Using top-of-funnel conversion metrics, best-in-class tactics and implementation of clear processes increases qualified meetings.

  • Go To Market Strategies
  • ABM Services
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Demand Generation Strategy – Inbound and Outbound
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Buyer Experience And Sales Process Optimization

Holistic sales strategy and underlying process increase pipeline and revenue. Setting clear, actionable sales strategy and goals, and aligning sales process to your buyer’s journey allows execution on opportunities and the ability to sell higher into customer organizations.

  • Account Growth Process Analysis & Optimization
  • Buyer Journey Mapping & Alignment
  • Sales Process Analysis & Optimization
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Organizational Alignment

Analyzing current sales team and goals tailored to teams. Includes building, expanding, or redefining teams for better organizational alignment.

  • Compensation Plans, OKRs, KPIs & Incentives
  • Competency Development & Implementation
  • Sales Team Analysis, Recommendation and Screening

" We were impressed with Taylor’s acumen as a strategic sales leader from day one. Every day he showed enthusiasm, initiative, and a positive attitude for his work with us, with clients, and investors alike. "

- Ed Erenberg, CEO & Founder at Cheerity
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Recruitment & Interim Sales Leadership

Help early stage companies who aren’t ready for a full-time VP of Sales by serving as interim sales leader and informing recruitment efforts.

  • Interim fulfillment and/or support for VP/Director of Sales
    • Sales Development; Account Executives; Account Management; Sales Operations; Sales Directors/Managers
  • Inform and PM sales recruitment across needed positions
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Sales Operation Efficiencies

Recommend and PM increases in efficiencies of sales routing/traffic/workflows through tech stack implementation, pipeline tracking and conversion reporting.

  • Sales Tech Stack Adoption & Optimization
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Training and Onboarding
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Outreach Tactics and Content

Provides tools needed to iterate for sales success.

  • Email Sequences
  • ICP/Buyer Personas and Battle Cards
  • Proposal Decks

" He has the ability to work at the strategic level as well as hands-on. He communicates well with senior leadership, and gets upstream of challenges. In my company he was able to quickly create processes for our sales team and change our playbook. As CEO I found him great to work with. "

- Amara Projansky, Founder & CEO at Chronogram Media
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