How Lately Built a Sales Team At Scale and Hit Their Go-To-Market ARR Goal—With Only One Hire

Lately Case Study


Lately is an AI-driven SaaS marketing company that shifts social media content creation into overdrive. By utilizing machine learning, Lately’s AI analyzes a single piece of long-form content and breaks it up into dozens of pre-tested social media posts for your company.


At the time of Lately’s launch in 2018, they were an infancy-stage startup with limited resources. The company still wanted to make a splash on their debut, so they set several ambitious goals for their first year:

  • Build out a go-to-market strategy for a successful launch
  • Create a sales process and sales team to increase lead generation
  • Hit a sales goal of $1.2 million in annual renewable revenue


Lately knew they needed to build at scale a rock-star sales team. So, they hired TPD Consulting, and Taylor Davis served as the interim VP of Sales and Business Development. During their partnership, TPD Consulting was responsible for the following:

  • Deliver target market research, pricing structure(s), product advancements for Lately’s launch
  • Build a sales process and materials for sales enablement and sales team hiring comp plans
  • Create sales tech stack adoption & optimization to increase sales productivity and lead generation


Lately’s go-to-market strategy was a success, and TPD Consulting’s work created a sales team and process that drove annual renewable revenue to exceed $1.2 million in the first year!


“Taylor closed our first sale, built the processes, hired and trained the team, pre-sold our enterprise product and helped us strategize for success.” – Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO Lately

Taylor has made a profound impact on my career and not only helped me close and grow deals, but gain a better understanding of the sales person as an integral part of the company and customer experience.” – Asher Hussain, Intern Lately

I feel lucky that I got to learn the ropes of sales and the roller coaster startup life under his guise.” -Virginia Mittnacht, Intern Lately

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