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Taylor makes sales fun

Transform your potential into profits.

TPD Consulting offers a fresh, market-tested perspective that helps Nashville series A and B startup businesses establish repeatable sales and revenue paths that scale.

Clear your path upward with end-to-end assessment.

To take business to the next level, you need to assess the existing gaps in your process as early as possible  — then pivot and repeat.
Drawing from years of sales experience, we provide in-depth performance assessment that clearly identifies the current strengths and weaknesses of your processes. Our observations clear the way for you to build on what already makes you great, while also discovering untapped avenues for growth.

Hands-on implementation that won’t leave you hanging.

Implementing change is never easy. That’s why we don’t just provide a roadmap for making changes  — we come along for the ride.
We help you align new strategies with your daily operations, speeding up the implementation process and ensuring the highest chance of success. Whether you’re introducing a new software platform to your tech stack or testing out a new pitch strategy, we’ll take the passenger seat to provide real-time assistance.

Learn from the master  — without hiring them.

Want all the benefits of having a masterful sales expert working alongside you without bloating your payroll expenses? Fractional Sales Leadership offers a part-time addition to your staff that helps new sales teams jumpstart their strategy game, while introducing more seasoned reps to novel processes that excel in a digital marketplace.
Need someone to cover a sales leader position while you’re shifting roles around? Our fractional sales leader can jump on board when you’re in a staffing pinch, making sure sales don’t lag while you take the time to make critical decisions.

Consulting services customized for your business.

In business, one size rarely fits all. Our sales consultants and leadership experts make it their mission to understand your unique brand and market before strategizing steps upward.

Sales strategy consulting

Our consultants analyze every inch of your company’s performance and operations so they can make the best recommendations for trimming the fat and testing new strategies. Using go-to-market sales planning, we offer data-driven sales strategy advice that keeps your competitive edge razor sharp, so you can increase revenue while also cutting costs.

Sales pipeline management

Gain a deeper understanding of which actions lead to a successful sale, and which ones don’t. Using cutting-edge tech tools, our experts help you build a sleek pipeline that lets you track prospects through every stage of your sales cycles. Identify precisely what makes your ideal customer tick so you can snatch up more qualified buyers and close deals faster.

Sales coaching

Give your B2B selling confidence a serious boost with our tailored sales coaching services. We help you implement performance-enhancing practices like sales incentives and sales enablement, so you can be in a constant state of upward growth. Learn to accurately measure success and improvement, and motivate your sales reps with data-driven precision.

Don’t leave success to chance.

Success doesn’t happen  — it’s made. Contact TPD Consulting to find out how customized sales leadership consulting can springboard you from where to are… to where you want to be.

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“  In short, Taylor makes sales fun. I relish the opportunity to work with him again.  ”

Asher Hussain, Director of Operations at Lately, Inc.